Brand Strategy & Offer Creation

The backbone of any successful & profitable website. You can also copy & paste this strategy to your other marketing collaterals.

The Philosophy

The customer should be the main focus of your business. It's why we are in business in the first place. Learn my philosophy as to how to craft a strategy that attracts customers.

The Process

The process we will go through is simple, calculated, and methodical in 7 easy steps. Everything we communicate will be straightforward to get your customers to buy.

The Proof

Don't just take my word. Take a look at my clients say about me. The results speak for themselves. 


The philosophy

Unless you design & develop space-age tech that will cure cancer or AIDS & have money to burn educating your customers, you have to be smart about what & how you deliver your message to them.

We focus more on direct marketing & sales methodologies to be able to machine a marketing & sales system that gets attention, allays customer fears, & allows us to track how much we are spending to get a sale.

Customer Obsession

We take a page from Amazon's playbook by forgetting your competition to outcompete them just by following the customer.


The more your message & brand resonates with your customer, the more it turns heads. A tenet of "product-market fit".

Straight to the Point

Less "we are the best" & more "how this will help you". Customers are selfish, & we should lead with value to get their attention.


If we can, we should focus less on our products & more on the results it brings to your customers. This is the secret to scaling cold outreach.

Start to Finish

My Brand Strategy & Offer Creation Process

Working with me is enjoyable, fast, and hassle-free. I follow this 7-step framework for anyone who crafts a brand strategy with me.

1. Your Customer

2. Has a Problem

3. And Meets a Guide/ Solution

4. Who Gives Them the Blueprint

5. And Calls Them to Action

6. To Get Success

7. And Avoid Failure

The Proof.

Meet HoliQuip

HoliQuip is a gym equipment distributor. They had a hard time selling in a market with so many similar gym equipment distributors that they had to find a way to differentiate themselves. By revamping their messaging specifically to setting up home gyms for the upper middle class, they were able to reinvigorate their sales after working with me, resulting in ₱183,954.24 in  revenue 3 months.

Jose Anton Villablanca

"From the start, we knew he was different. He actually took the time to ask us about our business."

“Before I met Noah, my business partners & I were using someone else to manage our website. We felt like he was doing the bare minimum in it: get a Shopify subscription, slap our products in the website, & call it a day. We knew we had to do something because our sales was dying as time went on.

“When we meet Noah, we were actually blown away. From the start, we knew he was different. He actually took the time to ask us about our business, which products were the best-selling, who our customer base were, & actually create a website that was high quality with the business in mind. Plus, he took the time to educate us on some of the design decisions & website analytics to see if our website was performing at all. We learned a lot of new things.

“He also revamped out Facebook ads strategy, and with the website we had made, we generated ₱183,954.24 in a span of 3 months! Needless to say, I was impressed.”

Jose Villablanca, Co-founder of HoliQuip

Get customers to respond by transforming your marketing & messaging yourself

DIY Your Strategy

Use my proven questionnaire & onboarding form to instantly identify what will resonate best with your customers. This has helped at minimum drive ₱40,000.00 in extra monthly revenue when I implemented it to my clients.
  • EXACT 20-Bullet onboarding form to identify customer wants
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DIY Your Strategy + 1,000+ Proven Templates

Everyhting in DIY Your Strategy + 1,000+ proven plug & play templates to plug your answers to instantly transform your marketing collateral.
  • Everything in DIY Your Strategy
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  • Escape writer's block even if you have all the right building blocks

DIY Your Strategy + Proven Templates + 1 hr. Consulting Call

Everyting in DIY Your Strategy + Proven Templates + a 1 hr. consultation call with me to apply everything you answered in the questionnaires on your marketing collateral.
  • Everything in DIY Your Strategy + 1,000+ Proven Templates
  • 1 hr. consultation call with me
  • Direct implementation of your answers to increase conversions from your marketing collaterals.

FREE Plug & Play Website Template

FREE Website Template shows you the EXACT structure of how you should design your website.