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I help small businesses survive, thrive, and make more money in the current COVID-19 pandemic by making their business visible online with smart web design & reliable web hosting and maintenance.

Charles Janoah Policarpio Web Designer and Engineer

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How I help you

make more money

I focus on these skills that are proven to work and add value to your business.

A website built with the principles of High-Performance Marketing and Direct-Response methodologies is the foundation of any successful digital strategy. Learn more about how my web design philosophy will help you.

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Customers in the internet are getting more impatient with every passing year.That's why a website needs to have high performance and fast hosting it can call home. It also needs to be constantly updated and maintained to adapt to the ever-changing internet. Learn more about how I can help you with hosting and website maintenance.

Meet Stasher Philippines

Infinite Concepts PH is the exclusive distributor of the eco-friendly, re-usable Stasher Bag. It eliminates the hassle of disposing Ziplocs after your dirty kitchen work, as the Stasher Bag is sturdy & reusable. After working with me, their website has already generated at least ₱100,000.00 in sales for the business within the 1st month it went live, save at least 30 hours of work a month, & close deals easier for reselling Stasher Bags or work with big brands for giveaways.


"Charles is different. He is very hands-on with the project. You can count on him."

"Before I met Charles, we didn't have an e-commerce website, even if we have a social media following. It felt like my business was incomplete without it.

"When I met Charles, he was different because he was very hands-on. He didn't just dive in and build a website right away. He took the time to understand my business and how to make the website deliver maximum results based on the current state of my business.

"We are glad that we have hired him to do our website, which greatly helps in the marketing and sales of our products. The time we saved having it in our business is also invaluable."
Owner, Infinite Concepts PH

They were proud to partner with me.

Happy Clients

"So you know, I’m closing 3-5 additional deals a week, just from having this website."
David Stubbers
David Stubbers
Owner, Gutter Guru
"Nowadays our online presence has saved us much time and money in reaching out to new and potential customers."
Harleen Jao
Harleen Jao
CEO, NutraRich
"After our website went live, I noticed an increase in FB Messenger inquiries by 70% within a month."
Beryl Ong
Nelson Ong
Marketing Associate, Sprinter Shoes

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