Website Analytics

Make digital business decisions with confidence with the right data.

Substitute guesses with cold, hard data.

What gets measured gets improved. I focus on a select few analytics tools to help you grow your online presence.

Google Analytics

The gold standard in web analytics. Properly setting up & reading Google Analytics is akin to gambling & knowing the exact markers to make a successful bet 100% of the time.

Google Search Console

The de-facto tool to monitor your search performance in Google, straight from Google.

Microsoft Clarity Analytics

Legally "spy" on your customers with this analytics tool from the brains of Microsoft.

Google Analytics cropped

Properly Setup Google Analytics

Study Trends

In order to prepare for the future, we must study history. Spot patterns & trends to prepare & capitalize on future opportunities.

Set Goals & KPIs

Track specific actions in your website with Google Analytics goals, including but not limited to: newletter signups, inquiries, engaged users, etc.

Glimpse Into What Your Visitors Are Into

With the advent of browser cookies & enough website visitors, you are able to see what your general audience is interested in. This allows you to create content that resonates more with your audience.

Properly Setup Google Search Console

See which Google keywords you show up for.

The low-hanging fruit for kickstarting & optimizing your website SEO strategy. See which keywords you are already appearing for, so you have a better chance ranking for that term by optimizing for it.

Request Google to Index Your Site.

The place to be when ask Google to check your site & ranking it in the Googleverse that is Google Search.

Catch Errors From Google Themselves.

Getting a website to show up in Google can take months. The last thing we want to see is for errors preventing it from happening. If there’s anyone who knows what’s wrong & what can be improved, it’s Google.

Properly Setup Microsoft Clarity Analytics

Website User Recordings

See EXACTLY how your customers are behaving from the start to the end of their session straight from their pair of eyes.

Website Click Heatmaps

Pressed for time to study how they EXACTLY behave? Get a high-level overview of their behavior with click heatmaps to see which areas get the most clicks. Useful for gathering data for website revisions & improvements in the future.

Start tracking the right metrics.

Consult with me to finally properly setup the right tracking systems & data from your online presence. This will pay itself many times over when you need to start reviewing historical trends to make future bets.

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