Web Hosting Management & Maintenance

So now you have your own website...
Does it end here?

In an ideal world, I just hand over the website to you after it’s done, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that the internet is always evolving, and your website needs to keep up with it. Don’t get lost in all of the technical jargon, and let me free you from the headache of managing your backups, security, web hosting management & maintenance needs.

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Rock-Solid Hosting Setup

Because the foundation for a fast-loading website is setting up proper hosting. Get this right, and it’s almost impossible to fall victim to slow loading times.


Optimizing the Tech for Speed

Because when you manage everything yourself, you will quicly run into technicalities like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, caching, etc. Effortlessly keep your website in top shape and clean by hiring me to manage it all.


Secure Online

Because there is a hacking attempt online every 39 seconds, and small businesses are targeted on 43% of those attacks. Hire me to keep your site safe to pre-empt malicious bots from attacking you.


Regular Backups

Because the ultimate safeguard to online attacks and configuration mistakes on your website are regular backups. Quickly get your website back up and running during crucial business moments by hiring me.

My Web Hosting Management & Maintenance Process

After I design your website, I follow this 4-step framework to see if your business will be needing proper website care, maintenance, and backups.

1. Website Launch

2. Discovery Session

3. Sign contract

4. Web Mgmt

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