The national problem I discovered in a waterpark that will matter more in the next 6 years than whoever will become the next president…

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And no, this is not another political post. I’m not here to endorse BBM, Leni, or even Ping. In fact, I think something else is the problem entirely!

But before I talk about what the problem is, let me tell you a story of how I saw this problem firsthand when I was enjoying my summer in a waterpark.

Now… this was no ordinary vacation. I was in a company retreat when I came to this waterpark in Bataan, & it was to show appreciation to the company’s employees for a job well done even after enduring a year in the COVID-19 pandemic. 2021 was cruel to a lot of businesses, so the company surviving was a blessing not only to their owners but also to their workers.

Everyone enjoyed the bouncy floats & the splashing of the wave pool during that day…It came to the point where there was a surprise presentation from the employees themselves, & this is where I saw the problem in full display. This video… showed a lot of kids thanking the owner for assistance in taking them to school. To give context, the owner of the company recently started a program for the most hard-working workers: the best performing ones are entitled to cash assistance to help bring their kids to school to study.

And it dawned on me. So many kids can’t go to school > because their parents don’t have money > because there aren’t enough jobs to go around in the Philippines. Bingo.

There just aren’t enough jobs! No wonder why our #1 export is labor. No wonder why the division between the rich & the poor are so high! Finally, no wonder so many Filipinos can’t take their kids to school for a better standard of living in the future because they don’t have money to do so.

I assume everyone in my friends list & seeing this post with an internet connection is one of the fortunate few to not be in a hard situation, & you won’t be as affected as others regardless of who becomes the next president. But I urge everyone, even if your candidate didn’t win, if you can, please help in your own little ways. We have the labor. We have the smarts (the Big 4 even stands on the shoulders of the top unis of the world). We have the skills; that’s why our #1 export in the world is labor. For the more fortunate, you may even start a business to employ the not so fortunate among us.

I will say it now: if you plan to leave the country, you’re taking the coward’s way out. Why not, for once, be the change you want to be to make the country a little better? Every single small cumulative change, if added up with enough mass, can make a big difference for the country.

Let me give you an example. How I will help in the next few years is by building websites for businesses that generates leads & sales. It might be a small thing, but I rest easy knowing that maybe, JUST MAYBE, one of those websites can transform my clients’ business & lead them to hire more Filipinos, especially the ones not so fortunate to have a good education like we do. Because of that, I’m actually extending my invitation for everyone again for FREE strategy sessions, in case anyone wants to know how I’ve driven at least Php1MM in revenue in total for my clients. If you think your business may benefit with a new website, you can talk with me & I can give pointers to give you the best shot at growing your business. Here’s the link:

^If you say “Green, Red, o Pink: tutulong ko pa rin ang Pilipinas” in the 1st 5 mins. of the call, I will also give you a FREE website template I use as we walk through the strategy session. 😉

But apart from that, I really hope everyone can do what they can to make the Philippines a better place. I know the raw materials are there: smart people, cost-effective labor, & rich in natural resources. We’ve been stuck as a “developing” country for so many years, I hope this post inspires at least enough of you & me to take it to the next level 🙂

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