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EM-O Industrial Manufacturing Corporation, located in Manchester Industrial Subdivision, Novaliches, Quezon City, was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of sports and casual shoes made in Philippines. Currently, the company caters to various channels such as a manufacturer of canvas shoes, slip-on shoes, sneakers, PE shoes, rain boots, shoe soles, and franchisee of Superman’s, Dora the Explorer’s, and Garfield’s Children’s Shoes. Sprinter Shoes is one of the brands under EM-O Industrial Manufacturing Corporation.

Prior to working with me, they have been looking for someone to build a website for a long time. They are very wary of anyone who will overcharge them when they will build a website. When they met me, they chose to work with me because I was familiar in the community, and my work ethic correlated very well in their family business. After the website is built, they reported an increase in Facebook Messenger inquiries for their shoes by 70%. This was partly due to customers now having a direct line of access to their products and not needing to buy them from a reseller.

They are also looking forward to generate more business with it and are in the process of putting it in their letterheads, trucks, and product packaging

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Nelson Ong


October 2020


Web Design

Nelson Ong

"Right now if you want to do business, some customers will ask if you have a website, and it's embarrassing if you don't have one at this day and age."

"In the present business trend, if you don't have a website, it's like your business is incomplete. It was in the pipeline for a long time. Right now, if you want to do business, some customers will ask if you have a website. It's embarrassing if you don't have a website.

Honestly, when I see the website analytics, there isn't much people yet. But you can finally there's a measurable metric that people are seeing us. We were planning to change our calling cards and letter heads. It should make doing business easier."
Nelson Ong
Owner, Sprinter Shoes
Beryl Ong

"After our website went live, I noticed an increase in FB Messenger inquiries by 70% within a month."

"Charles was very accommodating and enthusiastic in catering to our needs when we were designing our website. I can tell that he has an eye for design, and he would often make sure we were satisfied with his work before we proceed any further.

As someone working in marketing inside the company, I can really see the impact of his work in our organization. Just within a month, I definitely noticed an increase of approximately 70% in inquiries after I post on our social media. It has definitely made my work so much easier."
Beryl Ong
Marketing Associate, Sprinter Shoes

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