E-com Biz Removed “Add to Cart” Due to Too Much Orders, Generates ₱500k in monthly revenue After Restoring It


PYR Lifestyle is an Authorized Dealer of Xiaomi, Momax, & Baseus products. The business caters to different household and lifestyle needs, in which they sell lifestyle products not usually seen in regular retail Xiaomi stores.

Before working with me, they rely heavily on Facebook & Instagram boosting. They were getting sales, but they had no idea what contributed to the sale. They were also manually updating 200+ SKU inventories in a spreadsheet, which was very time-consuming for their operations.

PL Email New Order Notifications hidden customers 2

When working with me, their new website had a built-in e-commerce shop. PYR Lifestyle is now able to sell on any platform irrespective of what platform they are in. The website also served the purpose to update their SKU inventory, & it also had a built-in functionality to mass update multiple SKU inventory to save a lot of time in their operations. With the right branding, website structure, & systems in place, this website alone helped them save hundreds of man hours from updating inventory manually, & it helped them generate an additional ₱500k in monthly revenue from the website alone.

PL Revenue Analytics 2

I also ran their Facebook & Instagram ads. From January, I was able to generate an additional ₱100k in monthly revenue, on top of the additional revenue from the website.

PL FB Ads Results

This resulted in an additional ₱600k in monthly revenue for them.

Project Details


Pierre Hokia


August 14, 2021


Social Media Advertising
Web Design

"I'm happy working with Noah. You can feel he is truly concerned for your business."

“When we had the website built, we now had a centralized area to manage product inventory. This made it so much easier to sell on FB, IG, & the website. Now our business runs from the website.

“I was also surprised that there were a lot of people that bought from the website! At first, only a few bought from there, but soon, there were now big amounts, too. We were able to achieve ₱580k in a month!

“We also consulted with him on using FB’s marketing platform. We were able to add an additional ₱200k in revenue on top of the additional ₱580k/ mo. we got.”
Pierre Hokia
CEO & Owner of PYR Lifestyle

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