Boutique Pet Store Passively Generates Sales From Website in Passionate Pet Community


Kyuubites is a boutique store that is selling pet gummies & treats that strengthens your pet’s bines & joints, maintain skin & fur, improve digestion, & strengthen immunity. On top of that, its formulation was also designed to be yummy & get picky eaters to eat them (they are 1st in the market to do this).

The whole brand of Kyuubites was built on top of the owner’s dog: Kyuubi the pom. The brand had a story where Diane, the owner, had to create a gummy that is healthy & yummy enough for Kyuubi to eat & recover from a fall, which had to be communicated through the website.

When Diane approached me, she was just starting out but has already pre-sold her product enough to know she is ready to sell for real. she wanted a website that:

  • Communicates that her gummy treats work (in terms of getting picky eaters to eat + the health benefits)
  • Tells the story of Kyuubi to inspire sympathy from the pet community (which is very supportive)
  • Track referrals from other pet Instagram accounts that recommend her products using coupons.
  • Have a sales channel she can place in any social media should she decide to diversify from Facebook & Instagram

After working with me, she now has a website that solves all the problems above. In addition to that, she also has integrated local e-wallet payment gateways like Paymaya & GCash to capture the larger consumer market that isn’t banked & has no credit card, as well as being able to focus her efforts on growing her business, rather than wasting time texting & DMing back & forth for orders.

Project Details


Diane Samantha Chua


October 24, 2021


Web Design

"Highly recommend Noah for your web design needs!"

“We’re so excited to finally announce that we now have our own website!

“A big thank you to Noah for tirelessly working with us on this project! Highly recommend him for your web design needs! “
Diane Samantha Chua
Owner, Kyuubites

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