Corporate Wellness Business Lands an Additional ₱840k in Contracts & News Outlet Interview from Website


HoliFit is an employee engagement coaching business, with core services that include fitness coaching, mental health services, & general wellness webinars & talks. It’s targeted towards corporate multinationals with at least 100 employees, with fast-paced corporate companies & BPOs making up most of their clientele because they have high stress levels & attrition rates. After working with them, their clientele usually see:

  • an increase in productivity, energy, & camaraderie
  • a decrease in attrition, stress, sick days, & health insurance costs
  • better annual physical exams (APEs) of their employees

All of this usually happens in a few months working with them, & the return on investment is usually visible by then.

The Problem.

When Jose met me, he already had his website made but was not happy with it. It had too much design elements in it, loaded very slow which lost him a lot of leads & prospects, and didn’t speak to their ideal prospect properly. Although he had a proper outreach & sales system in place, his website was not helping him in anyway in generating more leads & closing more prospects.

The Solution.

When I rebuilt his website, we fixed, revamped, & upgraded numerous aspects of his website.

Before After

First, we had to revamp the website copy & design to speak directly to his ideal customer. In his case, it was the HR/ employee managers of these big companies. I made him answer some questions to understand his business & ideal clientele more at the start of the project. From there, we decided that the main problem we will address in the website is “Keep your best people in your team.” The succeeding web copy builds on top of that main idea. Website design is also simplified to only focus on 2-3 colors based on his brand & sales presentations, & call to actions are very clear for the customer, leaving no room for confusion. This instantly doubled his user engagement time in his website, so every cent he spends to get visitors to his website goes much further now.

Before After

Second, we worked on speeding up the loading speed of his website. This was done through numerous ways: we changed the hosting provider he used, resized the photos we used because photos are the main bulk of a website’s size, & implemented a system called caching, which saves from loading all website data for repeat website visitors. This reduced website loading speed from 33 to under 3 seconds.

Old Website Loading Speed
New website loading speed

Third, we improved his website analytics by assigning goals to specific actions in the website, in order to track KPIs & see from a high level which pages are the most popular, as well as what they are doing inside it. This will help them make better digital business decisions moving forward.

We made the website integrate to his whole sales & marketing system through digitization & automation. This is done through a few ways:

  • It’s now starting to collect leads in autopilot with mechanisms like pop-up & opt-in forms.
    • These leads are now being automatically fed to his CRM for lead nurturing & follow-up calls
Lead Gen
  • His main services pages in his website are now linked to his calendar booking system for sales calls.
    • These calendar bookings are now also linked to his CRM, so they can better track the customer journey of his prospects
  • Did on-page SEO. This allowed them to start ranking for some terms in Google immediately, like “corporate wellness philippines”. Some client meetings came from Google search.
  • Complimented his content marketing team by building an automation in the website where: for every new blog post created, it will automatically share to Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter automatically. This maximizes his marketing efforts to get more people to visit the website & get more leads.

This allowed them to generate 12 sales leads in a month on autopilot, with almost no extra outreach work or effort required from their end. They are in the process of nurturing them now, on top of their current leads, in order to make more sales.

They also closed an additional ₱840k in combined contracts from the website alone, halfway through the year.

Update (Mar. 23, 2023): From the website, Jose Villablanca was also able to land an inbound news outlet interview from CNN Philippines. They were perceived as an authority in the Corporate Wellness Space (as evidenced by how the interviewer addressed him), and it has helped him build his brand, on top of the new contracts he was able to close from the website.

You can watch his interview below:

Project Details


Jose Villablanca


February 14, 2022


Web Design

"Noah is so much better than any web guy I worked with. He not only understands good web design but also how it ties to business."

“Before I met Noah, someone else made my website, and I was very unhappy with them. It loaded very slow & wasn’t generating any leads. I work tirelessly to outreach & generate leads myself, and I feel like my website isn’t pulling its own weight in my business. I knew something had to change.

“I hired Noah to rebuild my HoliQuip website before, so I consulted with him again about my HoliFit website. He recommended a whole host of changes to my old website, so I trusted his judgement & hired him to do the same thing he did to my HoliQuip website. Just like before, he asked me deeply about my business to understand it better & to make it appeal to my target clientele, something my previous web designer didn’t do at all.

“When the website project is finished, the results were instant. I was able to generate 9 leads from the website in 2 weeks, and I can finally rest easy because I know I have extra leads I can work to make a sale from. Noah even went the extra mile by making sure it fits my entire sales & marketing system. He spotted some unique opportunities to automate other areas of my business, like automating social media posts for every blog we made & also integrating my calendar booking system to my website & CRM. So, not only was I getting more leads from my website, he also made sure I saved time in my business & prevented any sales leads from falling in the cracks.

“Noah is so much better than any web guy I worked with. He not only understands good web design but also how it ties to business.”
Jose Villablanca
CEO & Founder, HoliFit

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