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Gutter Guru is a home service cleaning business that mainly offers home maintenance, exterior cleaning, rain gutter services, and roofing services for upscale neighborhoods in San Diego.

Prior to working with me, they have been very active in cold calling, cold outreach, and using Yelp reviews as a way to get new clients. We identified that we can automate part of the client acquisition process within Yelp through a website. After building the website, Gutter Guru has been able to get at least 3-5 new clients a week without any additional work just from having the website in their Yelp page, saving him valuable time that could have been spent in customer outreach to doing more home service jobs per week.

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David Stubbers


October 2020


Web Design

David Stubbers

"So you know, I’m closing 3-5 additional deals a week, just from having this website."

"Hit up Charles, who built me a website, and it took him a very short amount of time. He got it done quick, and it was great. I mean, I’ve increased my conversions with my website. I would say… you know, I didn’t even have a website before. So you know, I’m closing 3-5 additional deals a week, just from having this website. So to me, the ROI has obviously been great."
David Stubbers
Owner, Gutter Guru

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