Scale Factory Makes an Additional 71 Leads, 80 Product Quotation Requests, P320k in sales in 2 Months


First Philippine Scales, Inc. is the Philippines’ #1 weighing scale manufacturer & supplier. They specialize in selling all kinds of scales: from catering to wet markets, agriculture, industrial environments, to selling high precision test weights & even customized weighing solutions based on business operations.

When First Philippine Scales, Inc. marketing manager reached out to me, they were already ranking for a national keyword in Google & already had a website but felt like it was lacking. They were getting a steady flow of customers in the website but felt like the website lacked clarity in its messaging & had a confusing navigation to guide customers to their end goal. They also had no proper system to generate leads & answer customer prompts quickly, hurting the company’s brand & losing them sales because of slow response times.

FPSI Brand Keywords
The company has a strong brand that a lot of people are searching for their brand name alone!
Weighing Scales Keywords
They also rank nationally for something broad: weighing scales.

When I had the website rebuilt, we were able to:

Before After
  • Give clarity to the company’s messaging. As a weighing scale company selling to businesses, we went with the big idea of “Grow your business with accurate & quality weighing scales & solutions.” The succeeding copy supports that big idea.
  • Redesigned the website structure to have a clear flow to a desired action
    • Every section of the website had a clear call to action to products & complimentary services like weighing systems & aftersales
    • Each product had its own page now, with a “Request for Quotation” action being the clear call to action
    • The next high value service, customized weighing systems, had proper web copy created in order to sell the service & get inquiries as the main call to action
    • The next high value service, ISO Calibration Certification, had proper social proof & technical specifications displayed correctly without overwhelming the customer with too much technical jargon (but tech spec sheets also provided if further technical details needed)
    • Email & phone numbers are sticky on top of the website the whole time, because their clientele use their phone numbers more than other digital means to reach out to the company.
  • Placed lead generation & support systems
    • Generate leads without extra work using pop-up opt-in & inquiry forms in the website, to remarket later down the line.
    • Live-chat system to also generate leads & promptly answer customer inquiries if they need answers promptly, helping solidify the brand by answering inquiries fast
  • Implemented & improved website analytics to track website KPI’s better & make better digital business decisions
    • Improved tools like Google Analytics & Google Search Console to showcase company website KPI’s more properly & see which pages & products are the most popular, as well as how customers are behaving in the website
    • Indexed the website to Bing & Yahoo search engines, because the Philippines still has Yahoo as one of the top websites in the country to capture market share from there.
    • Implemented a heat map & user recording system to study customer behavior in website pages
New Product Quotation Requests

In the end, the website for First Philippine Scales, Inc. is now a hub for their products online, and it is able to cater to people coming from Google & other places to inquire about any specific product. It is able to generate an additional 71 leads & 80 product request quotations in the 1st month the website went live. This has translated to an additional P160,000.00 in sales per month.

This will greatly help the marketing & sales teams in the company to reach their sales quotas in the current year & years to come, and it is a big boost in professionally presenting the company online.

Project Details


Cyrus Mendoza


September 18, 2022


Web Design

"This new website will really be a big help in presenting ourselves professionally online & reaching our quotas & goals for the year."

“Being in marketing for First Philippine Scales, Inc. is not always easy; we are always looking for new ways to grow the company every year. We are always looking to improving our operations: we standardized sales processes, planned out markets where we could expand in, and are always on the lookout for new avenues to grow.

“One area where we felt held back was with our website. It was so old & started to hurt the image of the company. We wanted to change that because we make the best scales in the country, but our 1st impression online doesn’t convey that.

“When we approached Noah, he understood right away what we needed. He would get the feel of the company by really taking the time to understand who our customers are, what they want, & how to show that online. He worked tirelessly to make sure the website is professional & in line with what the company stands for.

“We were able to generate 71 leads & 80 product request quotations just from the 1st month from the website redesign alone. This will really be a big help for our team to reach our quotas for the year.”
Cyrus Mendoza
First Philippine Scales, Inc.

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