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Conzone Trading Corporation is in the business of importing & distributing Industrial PVC Curtains. Their line of business used to only be about selling to dealerships for them to distribute to the wider market, but they noticed that other competitors are eating into their market share because those who install PVC Curtains are also supplying the PVC curtains themselves, too. This was eating into their market share, and they are looking to shift their strategy to that direction. Not to mention, they were also lagging behind competitors because they had a good website already & doing some digital marketing, while Conzone Trading Corporation still did not even have a website.

When Wesley reached out to me, he was very displeased with his current web developer because he was working too slow & missing deadlines, has a weak eye for design, didn’t do proper messaging in the website, and didn’t even design the website for lead generation & sales. He wanted to have a 2nd opinion for creating the website, so I gave him recommendations with regards to design, website messaging , & website lead generation. He was so impressed that he hired me on the spot.

After the website is finished, Conzone Trading Corporation is now confident to go toe-to-toe with their competitors with a proper website, as well as having an easy avenue for customers to reach out to the company directly. The website will also be the foundation when planning their digital marketing campaigns.

Project Details


Wesley Contreras


December 20, 2021


Web Design

"Noah's insights are helpful for our business, & he is not afraid to be firm in his recommendations if he believes it will help us. "

“We actually had another web developer build our website, but we were not happy with him. Slow to work, bad design, & weak messaging left us frustrated. We knew something had to change because our competitors already have a website, and we are lagging behind.

“When we met Noah, he was different. He knew exactly what we needed to move our business forward online. His insights are helpful for our business, & despite our business’s old fashioned way of operating, he is not afraid to be firm in his recommendations if he believes it will help us. We gave him full creative control for this project.

“He works fast, and he always stays on top of the project to ensure we make it to our deadline, which is much faster than our previous web developer. Plus, we feel very confident with our website messaging now.”
Wesley Contreras
Manager, Conzone Trading Corporation

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