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Just pay for hosting and maintenance!

Do you want the same results for your business?

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Well, you may be able to get the same results for FREE. Why? Because I am offering FREE Web Design for a limited time.

Why am I offering this?

Because I see so much small businesses suffer and not make it due to the sudden decrease in the foot traffic, and now that they are looking for a new way to get customers, I have decided to step in and help as much as I can. 

On a more selfish side, I am also doing this to generate more case studies, so I can gain more experience and learn new strategies for online business, so my clients can benefit more from my services in the future.

How can a website help your business?

Even if we are one year into the pandemic, we can’t expect normal consumer behavior to return back to normal 100%. Meaning not everyone will be willing to visit shops in person, eat out in person and buy necessities and wants in person. Businesses that have relied in foot traffic for so long have been hurt the most during this trying time.

That’s why you should move your business online.

Now that foot traffic towards brick and mortar businesses are not where they used to be, they have obviously turned somewhere else: online. Physical foot traffic and eyeballs have been replaced with online traffic. 

And online, it’s a race to be whoever gets to the eyeballs of their customers first while online buying habits are still forming. Suddenly, the world has become smaller.

Without a presence online, you as a business are basically non-existent in this extraordinary point in history. Without a way for customers to see if you are online, they will never know if you are a “real” business or if you have closed down already. And here you are, still struggling to keep the lights on, while they figured to look at your competition’s products!

What’s the best way to be online right now?

Some say it’s with social media marketing. Some say it’s to hop on e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee ASAP. 

While these are valid strategies, they have 2 glaring flaws: you are at the mercy of the platform you are running your business in, and your customers can easily browse your competition because there’s nothing stopping them!

Businesses need a space online they can call their own. They need a place where they can intimately interact with their customers without the distraction of their competitors.

Your business needs a website.

A website is one of the most important assets a business can have. It’s their own crucial spot in the giant World Wide Web. It’s one of your marketing assets that’s truly yours to own, and it’s not at the whims of a 3rd party like Facebook and Instagram.

With the proper strategies, a website is like having a 24/7 salesman, but with an offer like this, you only have to pay him half the minimum wage, and you don’t even have to pay him commissions!

Why my past clients love my websites

Websites that convert and make sales. Websites created with a purpose and a strategy.

David Stubbers

"So you know, I’m closing 3-5 additional deals a week, just from having this website."

"Hit up Charles, who built me a website, and it took him a very short amount of time. He got it done quick, and it was great. I mean, I’ve increased my conversions with my website. I would say… you know, I didn’t even have a website before. So you know, I’m closing 3-5 additional deals a week, just from having this website. So to me, the ROI has obviously been great."
David Stubbers
Owner, Gutter Guru

What you get with my limited COVID-19 Offer

NutraRich Multiple Devices

FREE Web Design

Have a website of your own that converts visitors to sales or appointments. See others who have trusted me to build their websites and how it has impacted their business. FREE for up to 5 pages, then an additional Php5,000.00 for every additional page.


FREE Best Speed Practices

Not just website design, but also best practices for website speed optimization. A bloated website is not good, and having a slow site can drive away customers to your competitor.

Shield Checkmark

FREE Security Best Practices

On average, there is a hacking attempt every 39 seconds. Small business are the target of 43% of those cyber-attacks. This is the brutal reality of running your business online.  I will create a system in place to protect your website from bots wanting to sabotage your business and downing your website.


Grow your business with a results-driven website.

Just pay for hosting and maintenance!

Web Hosting

Monthly Maintenance Updates

Ensure that your website itself, its hosting environment, and the plugins it uses stay up to date for optimum speed and better security. 

Monthly Maintenance Backups

Regular, proper backups lead to a headache-free experience to restore your website when a security attack or an update breaks your website, ensuring your website is up and running 24/7.

Blazing Fast Server Speeds

My hosting setup lets you compete with the blazing fast loading speeds of other big businesses. The internet is the great equalizer, and now you don’t need to hire a dedicated IT Staff to manage it full-time!

1 FREE Custom Email Mailbox

Say goodbye to ending up in the Spam or Promotions Tab in your customer’s inbox, because not having an email address also reduces the odds you end up there. Leading to more effective email outreach. Managing additional custom emails are Php1,000.00/  month each.

"After our website went live, I noticed an increase in FB Messenger inquiries by 70% within a month."
Beryl Ong
Beryl Ong
Marketing Associate, Sprinter Shoes
Website Work

FREE 2 Hours Monthly Website Work

Do you update your content and images regularly? Have promos for different holidays? List them all down for me to work, and I will set aside 2 hours per month to update your content per month. Every additional hour is billable at Php 750.00/ hr.

FREE Weekly Website Marketing Analytics Reports

Every week, I will send you reports about useful data from your website that you can leverage in your marketing efforts. Which city, province, or country do my visitors come from? 

BONUS: See how your website also ranks in Google.

Knowing which keywords people click on your website will give you a better understanding  as to what they want from you.

BONUS: Get access to User Recordings and Click Heatmaps on your website.

Wondering how people SPECIFICALLY behave inside your website? Want to know which areas they scroll to often? Want to know where they click most of the time? More useful data you can use in your marketing efforts and uncovering what your customers are looking for.


Limited COVID-19 Offer

Php 7,499
  • FREE Web Design**
  • Monthly Updates & Backups
  • Shield Checkmark FREE Security Best Practices
  • 1 FREE Custom Email Mailbox
  • FREE 2 hours monthy website work
  • FREE Weekly Website Analytics Reports, with BONUSES
Harleen Jao

"Nowadays our online presence has saved us much time and money in reaching out to new and potential customers."

"When I met Charles, his optimism and grasp of the needs of my company has given me ease in discussing how a website could fit my company. This is very important for an entrepreneur who is not much aware of how online presence and marketing should work and how to maximize this avenue for the company. "
Harleen Jao
CEO, NutraRich